Helping Children With Loss Program


Grief is emotional, not logical.

"Stop and think for a moment about what you learned on how to cope with emotionally painful events when you were a child. The chances are that your parents gave you a list of logical sounding reasons why you should not feel sad. Did any of those reasons honestly make you feel any better? Probably not! The problem is that grief is emotional, not logical." Helping Children With Loss Program, Now you can learn tools that will not only help Children today, but for the rest of their lives as well. They will also have proper tools to cope with whatever grief may impact their lives and later to pass on to their children as well. Your participation in this program can make a real difference for generations to come!

"Most parents want to do whatever they can to protect their children from painful moments and events that may touch their lives. In trying to "protect" them however, we often do not realize that we are inadvertently passing on to them the same bits of "misinformation" on how to deal with grief that we learned as children" The majority of parents find themselves at a loss when trying to help their children deal with any grieving experience that impacts them. This Adults only 4-week, 2.5 hr session per week group program In person or Zoom is designed to teach parents, and others who work with children, the necessary tools to help children effectively deal with their broken hearts, no matter the loss they are facing, including but not limited to the loss a parent, grandparent, sibling, a divorce in the family, or even the loss of a pet.

What this program offers:

This is an Adults only educational program, designed to give you the tools to help children. This approach allows you to work with Ioana a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, certified and trained by The Grief Recovery Institute. Each of these four meetings will last roughly two and a half hours once a week. Your Specialist will take you through the materials spelled out in "When Children Grieve," Book as well as how to actually utilize this information in helping each child with their individual loss issues.

As part of this process, you will work with sample situations you will face in listening to a child and being able to offer effective assistance in dealing with their emotional feelings. While you may come into this program with a specific loss that has impacted your child in mind, your Specialist will lead you through the process of looking at all of the emotional losses that could touch a child's heart, and how to help them work through these issues. Even though you are working in a group setting or one on one, your personal focus will be in learning how to work with your own child on an individual basis. These groups include a weekly commitment to total honesty and absolute confidentiality, so that you can comfortably share your feelings. As part of this process, we may sometimes break into small groups to cover the weekly assignments. If more than one family member attends this program, they will be in separate smaller groups, to assure a greater sense of privacy and the chance to better process what they are learning.

Call 416-258-5069 Ioana Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist for your 30min complimentary consultation.

Investment $699, 4 sessions, 2.5hr per week, 4 weeks, includes all materials

Don't wait any longer.........heal a child's broken heart!