Kundalini Reiki

(Kundalini means) She who is hidden... (she) is the dormant goddess in every human being's body... and can only be awakened if she travels up along the spine

—Zeena Schreck in Demons of the Flesh

Kundalini is one of the greatest energies. The whole body of the seeker starts glowing because of the rising of the Kundalini. Because of that, unwanted impurities in the body disappear. The body of the seeker suddenly looks very proportionate and the eyes look bright and attractive and the eyeballs glow.

—Gyaneshwari, 1275 AD, Chapter VI of Gyaneshwari

Few of the benefits that have been confirmed are: deep relaxation, relief from stress, pain, and insomnia, and a sense of peace and calm. It also provides better immunity, good health, and vitality. Awakening this force can bring about faster recovery and can be a great way of regaining one's health. Additionally, those who seek to understand their purpose in life or wish to develop their consciousness also benefit from Kundalini Reiki.

How does this work?

As the Kundalini Fire is channelled from the healer's hands over you as you lay on the spa bed, healing at all levels—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical—takes place. At its awakening, the purpose of the Kundalini is to establish a vertical connection with the different chakras in order to free or open up small energy pockets. It is also a purge; with this force the body flushes out its negative impulses and experiences a new, intense rush of purpose, joy, love, compassion, and purity to list a few. You may feel a tingling, emotional release or fatigue during or afterward everyone is unique.

Call to schedule a session with our Kundalini Reiki practitioner on any of the following:

Investment of $100 for 1 hour session ( package of 6 for $500)

Other healing services;

  • Remote Healing
  • Long Distance Healing
  • Cleansing a room/house
  • Situation/Qualities Healing