What Is Brow Lamination?

The Trend.......Everyone wants them, but few of us have them; beautifully defined, full yet natural-looking eyebrows without painful treatments or permanent make-up!

The new brow Lamination trend creates more volume, stability and fullness. Brow Lamination service performed safely by a qualified certified technician who breathes new life into eyebrows and coerces the brow hairs into an ideal shape to define and lift brows that will last and last.

The microblading alternative taking over fills in gaps in brows and gives them the illusion of fullness and growth in a fast, noninvasive way.

No matter what your brow concern is — gaps, thinning, over plucking, unruliness — brow lamination is an amazing solution and a great microblading alternative.

It hides small gaps and gives the illusion of major hair growth.This is a noninvasive, temporary, but impactful way to fix their brows in an affordable way." With brow lamination, you can raise a client's arch, extend their tails, give them a fuller brow by lifting the brow hair or give them a messy, fluffy brow."

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What is the brow lamination process like?

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks. You can wake up every morning with bolder, fuller brows in a beautiful shape.

Here's what's involved in the procedure:

  • First, your provider will apply a cream to your brows that allows to “lift” up your hairs into a new shape.
  • Next, your brow hairs are brushed upward to help pull them in a uniform vertical direction.
  • Then your provider will apply a neutralizer to help seal your brows into their new shape.
  • The last step is a nourishing oil is added to the brows to replenish their moisture after the chemical treatment process.

In total, brow lamination takes 45 min or less to complete. Optional add-ons to the procedure may include:

  • tweezing excess hairs
  • waxing to create your desired arch
  • tinting for color enhancement or changes

Brow lamination benefits

Eyebrow lamination may help address a variety of concerns you may have with your own brows, including:

  • thinning hair that may occur with age
  • gap in your brows from overplucking or overwaxing in the past
  • unruly hairs that tend to go different directions despite brushing them
  • a lack of shape or unevenness

Overall, brow lamination is said to make brows look thicker and fuller. Pulling the hairs up vertically may also make it look like you are experiencing new growth. The entire process is also completely non-invasive and safe.

How much time is taken by the procedure?

It will take 40 minutes plus 20 minutes for the lash tinting if you choose

How long does brow lamination last?

4-6 weeks.

How much does brow lamination cost?

$75 per treatment