“When you want to change your life, ......change your mind"

As a Certified Intuitive Emotional Healer I will lovingly embrace your issues that have been holding you back from creating your life’s purpose. You will gain awareness and insight to see your issues, strengths, and weaknesses to wholeness guiding you to live the authentic life you were meant to live. I have experience in family addiction, codependency, career change, grief due to various losses. I have 35years experience in the corporate world and bring to you my own personal self discovery journey and resources of the last 25 years. A Regional Alumni Volunteer for Hazleton Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California since 2004. Also I volunteer for the Toronto East Detention Center to provide 12-step meetings to the inmates. As an empathic Intuitive Healer I work with the energy you project to resolve your deepest issues. I use intuition to sense your blockages and help you root out the source of your pain. I will assist you by guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the best life you want to live. By healing these issues and altering you're consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life has to offer.

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What are the Benefits

I work with you in a sacred space of trust and loving energy to create harmony and balance. Providing healing and an understanding of how the universe works opens many infinite doors! Your thoughts and feelings will vibrate with positive energy. You will regain a sense of spirituality to attract abundance. Each session is unique to best fit your needs to identify and achieve your goals, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial wellbeing. We will look at ;

  • Increase inner awareness
  • Experience mindset shifts
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Navigate obstacles and challenges
  • Take control of self

Call now 416-258-5069 30min complimentary consultation

Investment of $130 per 1hr session (package of 6 sessions $600)

Session online Zoom or in Person.

Trust Your Journey!